The best and easiest shortbread crust recipe.

shortbread crust recipe

Homemade Shortbread Crust Recipe This shortbread crust is the easiest and best crust you will ever make. It is the perfect crust for lemon bars, tarts, pies and quiches.       How to Make Homemade Shortbread Crust   Don’t be afraid to make your own shortbread crust! This is the easiest shortbread crust you […]

Must Have Tools For Decorating Sugar Cookies Like a Pro

tools for decorating sugar cookies

  Decorating sugar cookies can seem intimidating, but with the right tools you will be able to decorate them like a pro! This list is a collection of the must have tools for decorating sugar cookies that will help you get a great start or up your cookie decorating game. This post does contain affiliate […]

How to Make a Sunflower Cake

How to make a sunflower cake

This post contains affiliate links.   What You’ll Need. A frosted cake. Buttercream frosting. Yellow food color. Brown food color. Green food color. Circle cookie cutter. Piping bags. Leaf piping tip. #3 Piping tip. Grass piping tip.   How to make your sunflower cake.   Before starting to decorate your cake, use your circle cookie […]

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35 Creative Ways to Market Your Cake or Cookie Business on a Limited Budget.

Marketing your cake business

  You’re not a marketer, you’re a cake decorator! You don’t know how to market a business.¬†This is a problem not only for cake and cookie decorators, but for a lot of creative business owners. We have creative minds, not marketing minds. And we’re trying to run a business to make more money not spend […]

How to Make a Globe Cake.

How to make a globe cake.

  I’ll be honest with you, when I was first asked to make this globe cake for our church’s mission trip fundraising event I was honored, but also extremely nervous! I had never made a sphere cake before. I had no idea what size pans to use, and my biggest fear was how in the […]

How to Make a Fondant Banner

how to make a fondant banner

  Fondant banners are super easy to make, and can really add a beautiful touch to your decorated cakes. They can seem intimidating, but I assure you they are not at all as hard as they look. In this tutorial I will show you how to make a fondant banner in a few simple steps. […]

Decorating Cakes With Fondant: The Ultimate Guide

Decorating Cakes with Fonddant

  I hated fondant and I hated decorating cakes with it. I hated working with it so much that at the beginning of my cake decorating business, I vowed to only make and sell buttercream cakes. But I soon realized the limitations of not using fondant. Clients ordering birthday cakes, especially for kids, usually want […]

Must Have Tools For Decorating Fondant Cakes: Ultimate Guide

Must Have Tools For Decorating Fondant Cakes; The Ultimate Guide

  Confession; I used to hate fondant. When I started taking cake orders I avoided decorating fondant cakes. I vowed to only decorate and sell buttercream cakes.¬† But as I started getting more and more cakes orders, I saw the limitations in my business from not taking on fondant cakes. A lot of cakes ordered […]

How to Crush Your Goals in 2019

  It’s a new year and you know what that means? No, not new years resolutions, new years goals! What’s the difference you ask? Well, resolutions usually don’t last very long. You make a decision in your head, you might say them out loud and tell a few people, but by March you’ve fallen off […]

10 Must Have Gifts For the Baker or Cake Decorator in Your Life

Gifts for bakers

    It’s Gift Guide time! Today’s Gift Guide is for the cake or cookie decorator in your life. Whether she or he is a hobby baker or bakes and decorates full time, they are sure to love these must have gifts!   Chefland 10-Piece Nonstick Bakeware Set   A good set of pans is […]