How to Make a Unicorn Cake

unicorn cake

Unicorn cakes have been a very popular cake trend for a while now and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. You can make your own unicorn cake at home using this easy tutorial that will show you how! I’ve been wanting to do a unicorn cake tutorial for a while now, but haven’t. I felt […]

How to Color Homemade Fondant

homemade fondant recipe

Making and coloring your own fondant for cake decorating is super easy. I’ve shared my recipe and video with you on how to make your own homemade fondant, and today we’re going to talk about how to color homemade fondant or even store bought fondant.  Before you learn how to color homemade fondant, make sure you […]

How to Attach Fondant Decorations to a Buttercream Cake: Edible Sugar Glue Recipe

edible sugar glue fondant paintbrush

Are you wondering how in the world to get your fondant decorations to attach to your buttercream cake? Or maybe your even trying to attach them to a fondant covered cake. Keep reading and I’ll show you how!   Can I attach fondant decorations to a buttercream cake? Yes, you absolutely can. All you need […]

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How to Make a Baby Shark Cake.

baby shark cak

Baby shark do do do do do….  I can’t even think about baby shark without getting that song stuck in my head! Baby shark cakes are still a very requested birthday cake theme for me to make right now. And they’re actually not too hard to make. So whether you are a cake decorator or […]

How to Make a Fondant Banner

how to make a fondant banner

  Fondant banners are super easy to make, and can really add a beautiful touch to your decorated cakes. They can seem intimidating, but I assure you they are not at all as hard as they look. In this tutorial I will show you how to make a fondant banner in a few simple steps. […]

Decorating Cakes With Fondant: The Ultimate Guide

Decorating Cakes with Fonddant

  I hated fondant and I hated decorating cakes with it. I hated working with it so much that at the beginning of my cake decorating business, I vowed to only make and sell buttercream cakes. But I soon realized the limitations of not using fondant. Clients ordering birthday cakes, especially for kids, usually want […]

Must Have Tools For Decorating Fondant Cakes: Ultimate Guide

Must Have Tools For Decorating Fondant Cakes; The Ultimate Guide

  Confession; I used to hate fondant. When I started taking cake orders I avoided decorating fondant cakes. I vowed to only decorate and sell buttercream cakes.  But as I started getting more and more cakes orders, I saw the limitations in my business from not taking on fondant cakes. A lot of cakes ordered […]

DIY Cornstarch Puff for Working With Fondant

DIY cornstarch puff for working with fondant

  When using fondant for cake decorating it’s a good idea to keep cornstarch (or powdered sugar) close by. Fondant is sticky. It can stick to your work surface, cutters or molds, and this can cause a mess and unnecessary cake decorating stress! This DIY Corstarch puff is super simple and cheap to make and […]

Easy, Delicious Homemade Fondant Recipe for Cake Decorating + Video

Homeade Fondant Recipe

This homemade fondant recipe is super easy to make with only 5 ingredients! It’s a great alternative to store bought fondant and is great for decorating cakes, cupcakes, or cookies.   Did you know you can make your own fondant? Yep, you sure can! All you need to make your fondant is 1 bag of […]