How to Color Homemade Fondant

Making and coloring your own fondant for cake decorating is super easy. I’ve shared my recipe and video with you on how to make your own homemade fondant, and today we’re going to talk about how to color homemade fondant or even store bought fondant. 

homemade fondant recipe

Before you learn how to color homemade fondant, make sure you have my easy homemade fondant recipe.  Homemade fondant is super cheap and easy to make at home for cake decorating.

Get My Homemade Fondant Recipe.


Ok, now that you’ve made your own fondant it’s time to color it!

What’s the best food coloring for coloring fondant?

Gel food coloring is the best coloring to use when coloring fondant. Liquid food coloring can make homemade fondant or even store-bought fondant really sticky. With gel food coloring, it takes just a little bit to achieve the color you’re going for and it won’t make your fondant sticky like liquid food coloring does.

Can I color store bought fondant?

Yes, you can color white store bought fondant. Make sure you use gel food coloring and next time try making your own fondant! It’s a lot easier to make than you think!

How to use food coloring to color fondant.

When adding the gel color to your fondant it’s best to use a toothpick. Stick the toothpick into your gel food coloring and wipe the toothpick on the fondant you want to color. Knead the color into the fondant. If you decided that you want your color to be a darker shade, add more gel coloring to your fondant and knead again. You can repeat this process until your fondant is the color you want. After coloring make sure to immediately wrap your fondant with plastic wrap so it will not dry out.


How to color homemade fondant.

Step 1.

With a toothpick add your gel food coloring to your fondant.

coloring fondant tutorial


Step 2.

Knead your fondant until your color is evenly distributed.

how to color homemade fondant

Step 3.

If you want a darker shade, add more food coloring and continue to knead your fondant. If the fondant starts get sticky or dry you can add some vegetable shortening.

coloring fondant

How to color fondant black.

Black fondant can sometimes be harder to color at home especially if you need a large amount. If I need a small amount of black fondant, I will color it myself with super black gel food coloring. If I need a large amount of black fondant, I will just purchase it from the store. To achieve a deep black color in a large batch of fondant it’s just easier and less messy for me to just buy it!

How to color fondant red.

Red fondant isn’t too hard to color. You just want to make sure you get super red gel coloring.  When you have the right red coloring, you will use the same method as you would to color fondant any other color.

How to color fondant in gold.

There is gold gel food coloring out there (this is my go to gold food coloring), but if you’re looking for that pretty shiny gold look like on unicorn cakes, you’ll want to use luster dust. Luster dust is simple to use. You’ll just want to make sure you mix it with lemon juice (some people use Everclear) so it forms a paste that you can paint on.

Now that you have your fondant made and colored it’s time for the best part, decorating! Have fun and be sure to check out these other cake decorating tutorials!


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Happy decorating!



how to color fondant

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