How to decorate St. Patricks Day Sugar Cookies

How to Decorate Saint Patrick’s Day Sugar Cookies


Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! If you’re looking for an easy fun and delicious treat to celebrate today, then these cookies are for you! Decorating sugar cookies is a great way to celebrate any holiday!


How to decorate Saint Patrick's Day cookies


What you’ll need to decorate your own Saint Patrick’s day sugar cookies.


Royal icing needed to make Saint Patrick's Day sugar cookies.

How to decorate shamrock cookies.

Step 1.

Outline and flood your shamrock cookies. You can add sprinkles immediately after flooding for extra color and texture! 

Don’t know what it means to outline and flood? Learn the basics of cookie decorating here!


How to decorate shamrock cookies for Saint Patrick's day.


How to make a pot of gold decorated sugar cookie.

Step 1.

Outline and fill the pot in black. I used a thicker consistency icing to give the bowl more texture.

Learn more about royal icing consistencies in this post! 

Step 2.

After letting the black icing dry for about 30 minutes, outline and fill the top of the cookie with gold royal icing. Immediately after flooding your cookie with gold royal icing, sprinkle with gold sprinkles.

pot of gold sugar cookie


How to decorate rainbow cookies.

Step 1.

With thick consistency icing, pipe big dots of icing to look like clouds each end of the rainbow cookie.

Learn how to get thick consistency icing here!


Step 2.

Outline and flood two sections of your rainbow cookie with two royal icing colors of your choice. Make sure they are not touching or they will run together. Let these sections dry for about 30 minutes before adding more colors.


Step 3.

Outline and fill in left over cookie sections to complete your rainbow!



And there ya go! Easy delicious Saint Patrick’s day sugar cookies. I hope you enjoy making them and eating them!!



Happy decorating!


A Happy Baker
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