How to make a rosette cake with video.

How to Make a Rosette Cake.

Rosette cakes are beautiful, yet simple to make celebration cakes. They may look like you need expert decorating skills to make one, but you don’t! I’ll show you step by by step how to make a beautiful rosette cake.


What is a rosette?

Rossettes, also known as buttercream roses, are decorations that can be piped onto cakes, cupcakes, and cookies that resemble a rose. These piped rosettes are great for adding a sweet romantic touch to any occasion being celebrated.


What kind of buttercream do you need to pipe a rosette?

You will need to have a stiff consistency buttercream icing to pipe rosettes. Visit this page for my buttercream recipe and to learn more about buttercream types and consistencies.


What kind of tip do you need to pipe a rosette?

For piping rosettes you will need a 1M open star piping tip.


How do you pipe a rosette?

Rosettes sometimes get called swirls because they are made using a swirl motion. You start in the middle with a piped “star” and you keep piping your icing around that star until you have a rosette.

How to pipe a rosette


What you need to make a rosette cake.

-A crumb coated cake.

-Buttercream icing. Check out my favorite buttercream recipe!

A piping bag.

=1M open star piping tip.


crumb coated buttercream cake


Beginning with a crumb coated cake helps the buttercream rosettes stick to the cake. You will pipe your rosettes in rows around your cake. Start at the bottom and begin piping.


buttercream rosette cake


Continue piping your rosettes until the whole cake is covered.


Vanilla Rosette Cake


If you have any gaps with cake showing between your rosettes just pipe a few stars to fill them in. If you want to see a rosette cake being made or if you want to see how to make an ombre rose cake I have a video for you below!

Ombre rosette cake

How to Make a Rosette Cake

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  • 1 Crumb Coated Cake
  • 1 Piping bag
  • 1 1M open star piping tip


  • Fill a piping bag fitted with a 1M piping tip with buttercream.
  • Starting at the bottom of the cake begin piping rosettes in rows around your cake.
  • Continue piping rosettes until the entire cake is covered.



For an ombre rosette you will need 3 different colors of buttercream.  

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Happy decorating!



How to make a rosette cake

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