How to Outline and Flood Sugar Cookies

How to Outline and Flood Sugar Cookies.

After you’ve baked the perfect sugar cookies, whipped up some easy and delicious royal icing, made sure you have the perfect icing consististy, you’re ready to start decorating! But where do you start? There is a process for decorating sugar cookies and it starts with outlining and flooding. Outlining and flooding sugar cookies are the basic steps in decorating cookies. Once you have the basics down, you’ll be on your way to decorating sugar cookies like a pro!


What you’ll need.

Cut out sugar cookies.

Royal icing in piping consistency. *Check out this post on getting your consistencies right.

Royal icing in flood consistency.

Piping bags.

#3 piping tip.

Toothpick or scribe.

*Head to this post for more must have cookie decorating supplies.



Step 1:

Fill one tipless piping bag or a piping bag with a #3 piping tip or higher with flood consistency royal icing. Fill another piping bag with a #3 piping tip with piping consistency royal icing.


decorating sudar cookies


Step 2:

With your piping consistency icing, follow the border of your cookie and “outline” the shape.

outlining sugar cookies


Step 3:

Switching to your flood icing consistency, fill in and “flood” the inside of your outline with royal icing.


flooding heart sugar cookie

flooding heart sugar cookie

Step 4:

You will need to immediately start spreading out your royal icing with your toothpick or scribe. You can also pick up your cookie and give it a little shake to help spread out the flood icing.


flooding heart sugar cookie


Your icing should be smooth and covering the entire surface of the cookie inside of the outline.


outline and flood heart sugar cookie


flood and outline pink heart sugar cookie


And now you have a perfectly outlined and flooded sugar cookie! Now that you know the basics of sugar cookie decorating, keep practicing and you’ll be decorating cookies like a pro in no time! What other questions do you have about decorating sugar cookies? Leave them in the comments and I’ll try my best to help you out!


Happy Decorating!


Decorating sugar cookie tutorial



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