Must Have Tools For Decorating Sugar Cookies Like a Pro

tools for decorating sugar cookies


Decorating sugar cookies can seem intimidating, but with the right tools you will be able to decorate them like a pro! This list is a collection of the must have tools for decorating sugar cookies that will help you get a great start or up your cookie decorating game.

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Sugar cooking baking supplies.

A stand mixer.

Royal icing needs to be mixed for several minutes until stiff peaks begin to form. Having a stand mixer will definitely save you time. I turn mine on and let it go while I prepare my pans with my homemade pan release, or work on something else. Stand mixers can also mix a larger quantity of royal icing and cookie dough at one time, which saves time as well.

Lid for mixer bowl.

Royal icing must be covered immediately and never sit out uncovered or it will harden. Having a lid for your mixing bowl makes covering simple while you are mixing your colors in a different bowl. It is great for short term storage of your royal icing.

Light colored cookie sheets.

Obviously you’ll need cookie sheets for decorating cookies, but did you know they should be light colored cookie sheets? Dark cookie sheets get too hot when baking and are one of the biggest reasons why cookies spread.

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Cookie sheet covers.

These cookie sheet covers and the next item on this list were total game changers for me. As my cookie orders started rolling in, I found myself with cookies everywhere! I didn’t have enough airtight containers to store them in. I found these lids and it was a complete cookie decorating life saver! After putting the cookie sheet lids on, the cookie sheets can be stacked on top of each others saving you a lot of room.  Or you could take it one step further and purchase the next item on my list!

Cookie sheet/bakery rack.

This cookie sheet rack was the best purchase I have ever made for my cake and cookie business. Not too long after starting my business I had a wedding order for 100 cookies and I had cookie sheets everywhere. I didn’t even have the covers yet! It was literally crazy. That craziness led me to search out something better and that is when I found my bakers rack. I absolutely love it! You just slide in each cookie sheet when your done and the rack really doesn’t take up too much room. Definitely worth the investment if you are a serious cookie decorator!

Non stick cookie sheet mats.

I use these reusable non stick mats and love them.

Rolling Pin.

This Joseph Joseph rolling pin comes with adjustable rings, which are great guides to help you achieve an even cookie dough thickness.


Sugar cookie decorating supplies.


Meringue Powder.

For decorating cookies you’ll definitely need meringue powder. I usually buy a big container and it lasts me a while.

Food coloring.

Gel food colorings are the best for coloring royal icing. They are thick and don’t have a lot of added water, which will change your royal icing’s consistency.

Mixing bowls or measuring cups.

If your decorating cookies a lot, your mixing icing a lot. Between coloring royal icing and getting the right consistency you will be using several mixing bowls. I love these mixing bowls that come with airtight lids for storing leftovers. I do use measuring cups a lot too, and try to color my icing in the same bowl saving myself from tons of dishes to wash.

Piping bags.

I use tipless piping bags and regular piping bags. Tipless piping bags are used without a piping tip. You simply fill the bag with royal icing and cut off the tip. I usually only use piping bags with tips when I have a thicker consistency icing and when I’m adding details or writing on my cookies.

Piping tips.

I have tons of piping tips. I have several of the ones I use the most such as #1, #3, and flower tips, which keep me from having to switch the tip every time I need to use a different color.


Couplers are what makes the piping tip fit and stay in your piping bag.

Bag ties.

Bag ties are convenient little rubber band like ties that go on the ends of your bags to prevent your icing from coming out of the wrong end.

Toothpicks or a scribe.

Toothpicks and scribes are used in cookie decorating for spreading around your flood icing. They can also be used to help fix mistakes or to place very small decorations on cookies.

Cookie cutters.

And of course you’ll need cookie cutters! My favorite places to buy cookie cutters are from Etsy and shops I find on Instagram. Amazon also has a lot to choose from. There is no shortage of cookie cutters out there!

A fan.

Fans can help speed up drying time. If you have a bakers rack you can get a clip fan which clips onto the side of the bakers rack.

Paint brushes.

Paint brushes are used in cookie decorating for creating different effects and also for adding luster dust.


Stencils are great for adding detail and for creating paint your own cookies. These are my favorite stencils for adding stripes, plaids and other stenciled details to my cookies.


I was hesitant to buy this airbrush at first, but I have had it for 2 years now and it is still going strong.

Luster dust.

Luster dust is used to give cookie details, such as flowers, some shine and also to add the gold “painted” look.

Edible food markers.

I use edible food markers to draw on details like eyes or mouths. They can also be used to trace handwriting before you pipe the icing.

Pico projector.

You may be asking what is a pico projector? A pico projector is a small projector that is used to project images onto a cookie. I use mine mostly for getting a certain font on my cookies or for tracing very detailed cookies such as character themed cookies.


Cookie Business Supplies.

Heat sealer.

If you plan on selling your decorated sugar cookies, a heat sealer is a great tool to have. A heat sealer seals the cookie bag keeping air out so your cookies stay fresh longer. This is the one I have and I love it.


You will need bags to wrap cookies individually and also bags that hold your cookie orders. I like these for wrapping my cookies individually, they work great with heat sealer, and these for packaging my customer’s entire order.


Get your business name and information printed on labels and put them on every bag or box that you wrap your cookies in. This is one of the ways to market your business…..(link to and fix post.)


Having the right tools will definitely help you decorate sugar cookies like a pro! So make sure you stock up on the essentials and get to it!

Happy baking and decorating!



A Happy Baker
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