How to Make a Sunflower Cake

How to make a sunflower cake

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What You’ll Need.

A frosted cake.

Buttercream frosting.

Yellow food color.

Brown food color.

Green food color.

Circle cookie cutter.

Piping bags.

Leaf piping tip.

#3 Piping tip.

Grass piping tip.


How to make your sunflower cake.


Before starting to decorate your cake, use your circle cookie cutter to make a slight impression on your cake where you want your sunflowers to be. This step helps you plan out the way you want your cake to look before starting the actual decorating. Be sure to give enough room between each flower for the petals and vines.


how to make a sunflower cake


Next, place your piping tip into your piping bag and fill with yellow buttercream.


piping tip for cake decorating

yellow buttercream icing


Following the outline of your circle, start making your sunflower petals. Begin by squeezing your piping bag on the surface of the cake and as you lift up release your pressure.


sunflower cake

sunflower cake

sunflower cake


Repeat this 2-3 times around each circle.


sunflower cake

sunflower cake


After getting all of your sunflowers piped it’s time to add the centers. Place your grass piping tip into you piping bag and fill with dark brown buttercream.


making a sunflower cake

brown icing for sunflower cake


Begin filling in the center of each flower.


decorating sunflower cake

sunflower cake


Now that your sunflowers are complete it’s time to add the vines and leaves. I used a piping bag with the very tip cut off for the vines. You can do the same or use a #3 piping tip. Fill your bag with green icing and begin connecting each flower with vines.


sunflower cake


After the vines you can add leaves. You can do this by cutting a V into the end of your piping bag or by using a leaf piping tip.


piping buttercream leaves

sunflower cake


And you’re sunflower cake is complete!


sunflower cake



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