How to Make a Baby Shark Cake.

baby shark cak

Baby shark do do do do do….  I can’t even think about baby shark without getting that song stuck in my head! Baby shark cakes are still a very requested birthday cake theme for me to make right now. And they’re actually not too hard to make. So whether you are a cake decorator or a mom wanting to DIY it at home, you should be able to make your own baby shark cake after reading the tutorial in this post!


What you’ll need.



Making baby shark.


First, you’ll want to cut out all of your fondant shapes and pieces. Cut out a blue circle for baby shark’s face and triangles for his fins. You’ll also need a white circle the same size as the circle for his face, cut in half. Using your xacto knife cut out his mouth and teeth. You will need a red rectangle to place under this piece of fondant to show through.

Using the bigger end of your piping tip, cut out black circles for his eyes. Using the small end of your piping tip, cut out 2 small circles to also use for his eyes. I like to use my piping coupler to cut out the whites of my character’s eyes. They are just a tad bit bigger than the piping tips, so I think they make good white’s of the eyes.

fondant shapes




Putting baby shark together.


Now that you have all of your fondant pieces cut out, it’s time to put baby shark together! Use a paintbrush and a small amount of water to stick the fondant pieces together. I love using my watercolor paint brush for this. After you get him all put together, store him in a closed Ziploc bag. This will let your fondant dry, while still keeping it soft so you can attach him flat to the side of your cake.

fondant baby shark



Making the other cake details.


I decided to decorate my baby shark cake with other fondant details. I used my seashell molds to make the shells and just cut strips of green fondant and twisted them for the pieces of seaweed. I simply used a cookie cutter for the three on top and used royal icing to write happy birthday.

fondant seashell molds and decorations



Putting the cake all together.


When you’re baby shark has finished drying you can attach him to your cake. To do so, lightly brush the backside of him with sugar glue and gently press him onto the side of your cake. You may also want to gently rub your finger around him making sure all parts are attached to the cake. It’s no fun to have your fondant decoration fall off 10 minutes later. I made a buttercream shell border around my cake with my 1M piping tip, and then I randomly attached my other fondant pieces on the cake. I also used the #5 piping tip to add some bubbles.

baby shark cake



And that was it! The baby shark cake was complete and ready to make a special birthday boy super happy!



More baby shark cake inspiration.

Here are a couple of other baby shark cakes I have made in the past that might also inspire you.

baby shark cake

baby shark cake





Shop for this cake.




baby shark cake

If you have any questions leave them in the comments or shoot me a message!

Happy decorating!



baby shark cake







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