How to Make a Buttercream Petal Cake

buttercream petal cake


The buttercream petal cake design has been out for a while, but it is still a very popular cake design. I like it because it looks great by itself or with decorations on top. I was asked to make a simple fishing cake for a birthday, so I went with the buttercream petals to give the cake more detail and the petals sort of resemble waves. Sort of?


The buttercream petal cake may look super complicated to accomplish, but it’s really not. You will see how easy it is to do in this tutorial.


What you will need.


buttercream cake


Decorating your buttercream petal cake.


Now that you have all of your supplies ready, starting from the bottom of your cake make a vertical row of evenly sized dots of buttercream.


buttercream petal cake


Now taking your cake spatula, start in the middle of the piped dot of buttercream and spread out the buttercream to the side.


buttercream petal cake


Repeat on every dot of piped buttercream.


buttercream petal cake


Add your next row of buttercream dots and keep going until the whole cake is covered.


buttercream petal cake.

butter cream petal cake.

buttercream petal cake


And now you have your simple buttercream petal cake!


buttercream petal cake


You can leave it plain, add a simple topper, or add fondant to the top like I did with this fishing birthday cake.


Adding details.


fishing buttercream petal cake


It makes a super cute celebration cake that takes no time to make! Let me know if you make this cake for the first time and how it goes! Be sure to tag me in your pictures at @Faith.Love.Chocolate on Instagram!


Happy decorating!


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  1. MICHELE says:

    Wow!! That was easier than I thought. Thanks for the tutorial. Made it much easier to follow.

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