How to Make a Fondant Banner

how to make a fondant banner


Fondant banners are super easy to make, and can really add a beautiful touch to your decorated cakes. They can seem intimidating, but I assure you they are not at all as hard as they look. In this tutorial I will show you how to make a fondant banner in a few simple steps.


What you will need.

Fondant– Store bought or homemade. I did not add Tylose or gum paste. What in the world is that? Read about it here.

Pizza cutter– One of my must have fondant tools. More fondant tools are listed here.

A fondant roller.


How to make a fondant banner.

First, determine the size of the banner you want. Add about 2 inches on each side of the length since you will be rolling the sides over to create the folded ends. After you’ve determined the size of your banner, roll out and cut your fondant to a 1/8″ thick rectangle.


fondant for fondant banner



Next, with your pizza cutter or X-acto knife, cut triangles into the ends of your banner.


fondant banner


Now, take your fingers under the piece of fondant and roll and fold the ends of the banner. Gently move the fondant banner around until you have it the way you like it.


fondant bsnner


And that’s it! You have yourself a fondant banner. Wasn’t that easy?! You’ll need to set it aside on wax paper and let it dry.


Globe cake with fondant banner.


Fondant banners add a beautiful touch to cakes or cake boards. They’re great for writing on. I use royal icing to write on mine.


I would love to see your fondant banners, so if you use this tutorial to make your fondant banner tag me @faithloveandchocolate and I will be sure to share your creation!


Happy Decorating!






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