DIY Cornstarch Puff for Working With Fondant

DIY cornstarch puff for working with fondant


When using fondant for cake decorating it’s a good idea to keep cornstarch (or powdered sugar) close by. Fondant is sticky. It can stick to your work surface, cutters or molds, and this can cause a mess and unnecessary cake decorating stress!

This DIY Corstarch puff is super simple and cheap to make and really comes in handy when working with fondant.


What you’ll need.



Rubber band

Ribbon (optional)

Cornstarch (or powdered sugar)

Supplies for making DIY cornstarch puff.


Making Your Cornstarch Puff


Using a ruler or your nonstick fondant mat, cut a square out of your cheesecloth. My square was 7×7.


DIY corstarch puff for fondant

DIY cornstarch puff


Put one big scoop of cornstarch in the middle of your cut cheesecloth.


DIY fondant cornstarch puff


Gather the sides of your cheesecloth and secure with a rubber band.

DIY cornstarch puff

DIY cornstarch puff


You can dress it up a little by adding a ribbon.


DIY cornstarch puff


I store cornstarch puff in a silicone muffin liner in my cake decorating drawer.


DIY cornstarch puff


This DIY cornstarch puff makes dusting your work surfaces, molds, and cutters super easy and it only takes about 5 minutes to make. Give it a try and tell me what you think!


Decorating cakes with fondant


Happy decorating!




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