Farm Animal Themed Birthday Cake

Farm barnyard cake


Farm animal themed birthday parties are super cute!  When this cake was requested I was excited to practice these farm animal cake figurines. In the beginning days of my cake decorating journey I would stay away from fondant figures, but as I have become more confident in cake decorating I love making them!


What you’ll need.


The cake was a two- tier cake, with 2, 8-inch layers on the bottom, and  2, 6-inch layers on top. I baked the cake in my Wilton cake pans and as always, I used my homemade cake pan release before baking (you can find the recipe here).  I leveled my cake layers with my Wilton leveler, and filled and frosted them with vanilla american buttercream.

The farm animal figurines were sculpted out of my favorite fondant with Gum-Tex powder mixed in. Gum-Tex powder makes your fondant dry hard so your figures will stand up straight on your cake.

The clouds, barn and fence were made out of plain fondant without the Gum-Tex powder since I wanted them to stick to my cake. I used these cloud cutters for the clouds and this fence cookie cutter for the fence. For the barn I cut everything out by hand with my X-ACTO knife and pieced it together using water as my glue.



Working With Fondant.


Sculpting fondant figures take a lot of practice and patience, but one of my favorite cake decorating resources Bluprint, is one resource that has helped me the most. Bluprint is a subscription DIY website that allows you to have access to thousands of hours of video that teach you almost anything you want to learn. They have a huge selection of cake decorating and baking videos, which is why Bluprint is my favorite teaching website.  I love watching the videos they offer. The classes help me tremendously. The specific class that helped me with this cake was Cake Topper Techniques: Fondant Animals.


Transporting the Cake.


This cake also had to travel to another state and it made it with no problems! I used bubble tea straws for support and a long dowel in the center of both cakes to hold them together.

This cake was a big hit and the birthday girl loved it!


Any Questions?


Do you have any other questions about how I made this cake? Let me know in the comments!


Farm animal barnyard themed birthday cake


Happy decorating!





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