Galaxy cupcakes

galaxy cupcakes


Do you want a simple, out of this world cute, and astoundingly easy to make cupcake that is sure to impress anyone? You should definitely give these simple galaxy cupcakes a try.



What you need:


Buttercream frosting

Black cupcake liners.

Americolor electric pink

Americolor electric blue

Sweetopolita sprinkles

piping bags

1M piping tip



After you’ve made your cupcakes and buttercream, separate the buttercream in 3 separate bowls.



Place your 1M piping tip in your large piping bag.



Beginning with one color, spoon icing into the side of the piping bag.



Repeat with each color icing.



Pipe icing onto parchment paper until your colors come out evenly creating a tie-dye effect.



After your colors come out evenly, pipe swirls of buttercream onto your cupcakes.



Next it’s time to add the Sprinkles. I love using Sweetopolita sprinkles.




And you’ve got galaxy cupcakes! Go ahead and give them a try. You won’t be sorry!






A Happy Baker
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