How to Make Rudolph Cookie Pops

Reindeer nose sugar cookie pops


If you’re looking for a simple cute DIY Christmas treat or a cookie that is sure to sell out at a pop up shop, these Rudolph cookie pops are for you! They are super cute and one of my best sellers during the Christmas season. They make a fun stocking stuffer or just a great project to do with the kids!

What you will need.

Rudolph nose cookie cutter.

Christmas paper straws.

Royal Icing.

Americolor soft brown.

Americolor super red.

Americolor black.

Red sanding sugar.

#1 piping tip.

Tipless piping bags.


Making your rudolph cookie pops.

After you’ve made your cookie dough , begin cutting out your cookies and laying them on your cookie sheet with enough room for the straws.

sugar cookies

reindeer noses


Place your straws in the center of your cookie. You can do this by picking the cookie up or inserting the straw with your cookies flat on the cookie sheet. Just make sure the straws go through the center of the cookie and do not come through the back.

sugar cookie pops

reindeer nose cookie pops

After you have placed all of your straws into the cookies, don’t forget to freeze them before baking! You can read more about why here.¬†After your cookies are baked and cooled, it’s time to start the fun part, decorating!


Decorating your rudolph cookie pops.

The first step is to make Rudolph’s nose. This has to be done first because you will be adding sprinkles and don’t want them to end up in the icing on other parts of the cookie.

Outline and flood the nose on the cookie.

reindeer nose cookie pops


Add your sprinkles while the icing is wet.


reindeer nose sugar cookies


Let the nose dry for about 30 minutes. Gently tap the cookie to get any loose sprinkles off. It’s okay to have some sprinkles stay on. Next, flood and outline the rest of the cookie.


reindeer nose cookie pops


While your icing is still wet, add reindeer cheeks by piping red icing in a circle where his cheeks would be.


sugar cookie pops


Let your cookie dry thoroughly, about an hour, and use a #1 piping tip to add Rudolph’s mouth.

reindeer sugar cookie pops


And that’s it!

reindeer nose sugar cookie pops

reindeer sugar cookie pops


Enjoy and Merry Christmas!







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