Easy DIY Fortnite Cake

Fortnite cake

Fortnite, it’s everywhere! My kids talk about it all the time, want to play it all the time, and constantly do those dances!! Ahhhhhh…..do you know those dances I’m talking about??

Kids everywhere are into Fortnite right now. And you know what that means? Yes, lots of Fortnite cake requests!

I did a super easy one not too long ago for a client who wanted a Fortnite cake for her son, but didn’t want a super expensive one. So, I came up with a cake design that was still totally Fortnite inspired, but didn’t take a lot of time or money to make.

It was pretty simple for a fondant decorated cake. I printed out the topper instead of making one from fondant to keep the cost down. I just googled the image, printed it on card stock, taped it on a toothpick, and stuck it on the cake. Super simple, but it did not take away from look of the cake at all.


Making the Fortnite Cake.


For the fondant decorations on top I chose to go with the picaxe, treasure chest, and med kits. The treasure chest I formed from light brown fondant and made indentions along it with the back of a butter knife. I then took my brown airbrush paint (you could use diluted food coloring gel also), and painted the darker color where my indentions were.


I blended in the darker areas with water.

I added the details with gray fondant cut into strips and a square for the lock. The med kits were just white fondant cut into sections with red fondant wrapped around.

The picaxe was made from a piece of rolled brown fondant and gray triangle attached with water. The wood grain look comes from this imprint mat. There is also a larger one here. Whichever one you choose, you need a wood grain fondant mat if you are a cake decorator. With the popular wood grain look trending now in cake design, it is worth buying. You will get your moneys worth out of it.

Ok, back to the cake. The front was simply covered in gray fondant, which was also imprinted with a fondant mat. The smaller wood grain mat I mentioned above comes with a brick impression mat, but I used this mat since I already had it. You could use either.

After using water to cover the front of the cake with the gray imprinted fondant, I then piped a simple grass border around the entire cake using a number 418 grass piping tip from this kit.

I then piped the birthday boy’s name on the cake, added some grass on top, and “Viola!” the cake was ready to bless a special Fortnite loving boy!


I sure hope this tutorial blesses you and the Fortnite loving little boy or girl that you make it for!


Happy baking and cake decorating!




A Happy Baker
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