Tribal Baby Shower Cake and Cookies

tribal cake and cookies


This cake and matching cookies were created for my long time childhood friend, who is having her first baby. Her mother is full blooded Indian so it was no surprise to me that they were going for a tribal baby shower theme. They picked out the tribal baby cake topper, and that was ordered in advance.


The cake topper.


There was actually a long conversation and debate going on about who was going to be responsible for keeping it at their house until the baby shower. Her sister and I said we both had too many kids for it to hang out at our house for that long, so it was decided that her father would keep it at a safe place in his house until I needed it. The Etsy shop it was ordered from is


Cake details.

The cake was vanilla cake with vanilla icing. I decided to go with the chevron on the bottom tier because I felt like it kept the cake simple enough not to take away from the beautiful cake topper, but it still fit into the tribal theme perfectly. For the chevron I used pink and white homemade fondant . I painted the white fondant with gold luster dust. My favorite is from Grunderfully Delicious, and she’s a homeschoolin’ mama too!

The cake board was actually 3 gold cake boards hot glued together with pink ribbon hot glued around them. I was super thankful for my daughter asking and receiving a hot glue gun for her birthday in May, because I have never owned one!

I learned how to do this from Rose, one of my favorite bloggers ever, over at Rose Bakes. Again, another homeschoolin’ mama! It was super easy to do and really complimented the cake so well. I’m not sure I can ever put a cake on a plain white cake board again.


Matching Sugar Cookies.

They wanted matching cookies for the baby shower as well, so I came up with these cuties.

Tribal Baby Shower Cookies


They turned out so cute and matched the cake perfectly. The teepees were my favorite!

Tribal baby shower cookies

I used these cutters and I again used the luster dust to paint the hearts on the teepees and painted some on the feathers. The arrows were airbrushed on with my airbrush machine and gold airbrush color.  I used my arrow stencil from The Cookie Countess for the onesies.


So, that was my very first tribal themed cake and cookies! I’m pretty proud of myself for how the turned out and I know that you can do it too!

Have you done a tribal theme before?


Happy Baking!



A Happy Baker
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