Easy, Delicious Royal Icing Recipe

Royal Icing Recipe.

royal icing


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Decorated sugar cookies are very popular right now. You can make them for weddings, birthdays, party favors and gifts. Decorating sugar cookies like the ones you see on Instagram definitely take practice, and having the right sugar cookie and royal icing recipe is an absolute must! This easy and delicious royal icing recipe is great for decorating sugar cookies. Keep reading for step by step instructions to make this easy royal icing.


What you’ll need to make royal icing.

How to Make Royal Icing.

Place 1/4 cup of meringue powder your mixer. I use my kitchen aid mixer.

royal icing


Add 2/3 cup of hot/warm water.  The hot water helps to dissolve the meringue powder better. Mix until your mixture looks like the picture below.

royal icing recipe


Then add 32 ounces (a 1 pound bag) of confectioners sugar.



Mix on high for up to 10 minutes. Your mixing time will depend on your humidity level. It can take more or less time depending on the humidity. It will become thick and begin to form stiff peaks when it’s ready.



And that is how you make easy, delicious royal icing for decorating sugar cookies.


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Easy Delicious Royal Icing

This royal icing is delicious and easy to make. It is a great royal icing for decorating sugar cookies.


  • 1/4 cup meringue powder
  • 2/3 cup water (warm)
  • 1 1/2 tsp vanilla flavoring
  • 32 ounces confectioners sugar (1 large/2lb bag)


  • Mix meringue powder, warm water and vanilla with a mixer for one minute on high.
  • Gradually add confectioners sugar with mixer on low.
  • Mix all ingredients on medium speed until stiff peaks form.


What other questions do you have about royal icing or decorating sugar cookies? Leave them in the comments!

Happy decorating!



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