Easy, Delicious Royal Icing Recipe

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Decorated sugar cookies are very popular right now. People want them for weddings, birthdays, party favors and gifts. Decorating sugar cookies like the ones you see on Instagram definitely takes practice, and having the right sugar cookie and royal icing recipe is an absolute must.

Here is my royal icing recipe. You can half this. I use the whole recipe because I make so many cookies. If you make your royal icing and have some left over you can freeze it and use it later.

First, I start with meringue powder. I don’t think the brand of the meringue powder matters. Others might think that it does. I have used Wilton’s and I have used Hobby Lobby’s and I have had good results from both. I usually go with Wilton’s because it is cheap at Amazon and Walmart and I can even order it through their grocery pick up service which is a life saver for this business runnin’, homeschoolin’ mama of 4!

Ok, back to the recipe. I dump 1/2 cup of meringue powder into my kitchen aid mixer.


Then I add 2/3 cup of hot/warm water. I just feel that the hot water helps to dissolve the meringue powder better. Then I turn on the mixer until it looks like this.


I then add two teaspoons of vanilla and a 1 pound bag of confectioners sugar.


and mix it for 1-2 minutes.


It will be pretty thick when it’s done. You can then start mixing in water to get it to the right consistency and start making adding in you colors.





So that is the royal icing recipe I use for my decorated sugar cookies.


What other questions do you have about royal icing or decorating sugar cookies?


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