Easy DIY Snowman Cake

When I saw this snowman cake on The Cake Blog, which is one of my favorite blogs for cake inspiration, I knew I had to attempt to make it. It was soooo cute and I knew the kids would love it. It was also a very appropriate time to make this snowman cake. It was made during a blizzard! That might not be anything special for you, but where I’m from in the south, we don’t have blizzards. Actually, I think the last time they had a blizzard here I was 4 years old and of course I don’t remember it. So yes, I was as giddy as a 4 year old while experiencing my first blizzard.


Making your snowman cake.


The cake was a strawberry cake with strawberry icing and coconut on the outside.

coconut cake


The eyes and nose are made out of fondant.



Adding the details.


The scarf is just a piece of ribbon I had and the gloves were printed off the computer from a good search and glued on to skewers. It turned out super cute, the kids loved it, and it was a great way to celebrate my first blizzard! 😉

2013-01-30 16.30.40


And you have a super cute and easy snowman cake! Be sure to let me know if you make your own.


Happy decorating!


A Happy Baker
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