Winnie the Pooh Cake.

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Don’t you love when you agree to do a last minute cake order and it turns out to be one of your best?! That’s kinda how this Winnie the Pooh cake went. It was a short notice order and the client didn’t really have an exact idea for the cake other than it needed to be Winnie the Pooh themed. I actually even procrastinated and gave myself an uncomfortable, small amount of time to get it done and then when the pressure was on, BAM, I got it together and pulled it off!


Cake details.


It was an 8 inch cake covered in sky blue buttercream. The Winnie the Pooh figurines were ordered here from Amazon. The balloons and clouds were piped with a #10 Wilton piping tip and the grass was piped with a Wilton grass piping tip.



It was a really easy cake to make and turned out super cute! Let me know if make your own!

Happy decorating!


A Happy Baker
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