A little longer.

Today I got my laminator back out. It took 30 minutes to find and it ended up being in my 7 year olds bedroom, but that’s a whole nother blog post.

Anyway, this laminator is the best thing I have ever spent $30 on. I bought it a couple of years ago, but it has been a while since I used it.


I found this letter practice page on Pinterest and printed it out and laminated it for the princess.


She loved it! As she was working on it she said, “Is this what I’m gonna do at the homeschool?”. Funny. She sure does pay attention.


Tonight while I was putting the little bean to bed I stayed with him a little longer as he was talking and talking. About what I don’t know. He doesn’t talk very well yet, but whatever it was he was excited about it. I just laid in his bed and watched him as he jabbered away.

He is my hardest one, but he can also be my sweetest one.

I also began to think about all those Facebook post I’ve seen recently about how time goes by so fast when you have little ones and how you should cherish these times. And it’s true. There are so many nights where I have rushed to put the kids to bed so I can finally have “me” time. And there is nothing wrong with “me” time as long as you have those moments with your children where you do stay a little longer to listen to them jabber away.

These times do get tough. Laundry and dishes feel like they are never ending, but I know that the days I have with little ones running around here will end before I know it.

Lessons I learned today.

I need to have a serious talk with my kids about touching things that are not theirs!

To not always be so rushed. To look for those moments that I can stay just a little longer in and cherish them and really take them in because I will never get that exact moment back.

A Happy Baker
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