How to make a rosette cake with video.

Ombre rosette cake

How to Make a Rosette Cake. Rosette cakes are beautiful, yet simple to make celebration cakes. They may look like you need expert decorating skills to make one, but you don’t! I’ll show you step by by step how to make a beautiful rosette cake.   What is a rosette? Rossettes, also known as buttercream […]

The Best Vanilla American Buttercream Recipe

american buttercream birthday cake

Vanilla American Buttercream Recipe American buttercream is a sweet frosting made from creaming together butter and confectioners sugar. It is our typical classic birthday cake icing and is an essential recipe for every baker. It is the go to icing for cake decorators.   How do you make American Buttercream? American Buttercream gets its name […]

How to Outline and Flood Sugar Cookies

How to outline and flood sugar cookies.

How to Outline and Flood Sugar Cookies. After you’ve baked the perfect sugar cookies, whipped up some easy and delicious royal icing, made sure you have the perfect icing consististy, you’re ready to start decorating! But where do you start? There is a process for decorating sugar cookies and it starts with outlining and flooding. […]

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Royal Icing Consistencies

royal icing consistencies

  When it comes to cookie decorating, having the right consistency is the most important skill to master. Not having the right royal icing consistency can leave you frustrated and yelling something like, “I’ll never decorate another sugar cookie in my life!” Trust me, I’ve been there. But then I figured out how to get […]

Must Have Tools For Decorating Sugar Cookies Like a Pro

tools for decorating sugar cookies

  Decorating sugar cookies can seem intimidating, but with the right tools you will be able to decorate them like a pro! This list is a collection of the must have tools for decorating sugar cookies that will help you get a great start or up your cookie decorating game. This post does contain affiliate […]

How to Make a Sunflower Cake

How to make a sunflower cake

This post contains affiliate links.   What You’ll Need. A frosted cake. Buttercream frosting. Yellow food color. Brown food color. Green food color. Circle cookie cutter. Piping bags. Leaf piping tip. #3 Piping tip. Grass piping tip.   How to make your sunflower cake.   Before starting to decorate your cake, use your circle cookie […]

Edible Sugar Glue Recipe For Attaching Fondant to Cakes

edible sugar glue fondant paintbrush

When I started decorating cakes I had no idea how to attach fondant to my cakes or how to attach fondant pieces to each other. I would quickly slap my decorations on my freshly frosted cake and hope for the best. My fondant figures, already looking pretty rough, would look even worse when I was […]

How to Make a Baby Shark Cake.

baby shark cak

Baby shark do do do do do….¬† I can’t even think about baby shark without getting that song stuck in my head! Baby shark cakes are still a very requested birthday cake theme for me to make right now. And they’re actually not too hard to make. So whether you are a cake decorator or […]

35 Creative Ways to Market Your Cake or Cookie Business on a Limited Budget.

Marketing your cake business

  You’re not a marketer, you’re a cake decorator! You don’t know how to market a business.¬†This is a problem not only for cake and cookie decorators, but for a lot of creative business owners. We have creative minds, not marketing minds. And we’re trying to run a business to make more money not spend […]

12 Easy and Spooky Halloween Desserts

Easy and Spooky Halloween Desserts

  Halloween is not far away, and while my kids enjoy all of the candy they get, my favorite part by far is all of the festive desserts and treats to be made! Today I am sharing some super cute and spooky Halloween desserts that you will enjoy making too!   1. Witch Hat Brownie […]